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Art Direction

6 Years


Traditional Art

20 Years


Concept Design

15 years



10 Years



20 Years

Bio: Experiance

Who I Am

I have had a connection to the aesthetics all my life. I have dedicated a great amount of time to the understanding of various theories, techniques, and rules. But, to what end? Most recently, I have come to the conclusion that I enjoy the exploration and creation of art and then taking that knowledge and sharing it those who are interested.

What I Do

As an Art Director, I have continued to push the abilities of my team to allow them to truly excel.  I have also continued to learn from my team as I believe that there is always room for improvement.  As I am not someone who is content, I will chase improvement. Most recently, I have spearheaded the migration from physical literature to an interactive sales tool that reduced my printing budget by 33% and implemented an interactive kiosk as part of our regular trade show presence leading to higher engagement and quality leads.

My Work:

I tend to work in a variety of medium: watercolor, gouache, and oils are my preference but I am also highly proficient in the digital such as Adobe for digital storyboarding, painting, layouts, and video, and Autodesk's Maya for 3D. I have been a 3D artist for 20 years and I am skilled in texturing, rendering, and animations.

Current Exhibits

*note - I was selected to attend the XIII Florence Biennelle 2021 but due to Covid-19 and travel restrictions, I did not attend.


Hampton Public Library

Hampton, VA


Kracken Fine Arts

Farmville, VA


XIII Florence Biennelle 2021

Florence, Italy

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